Four simple steps for writing an expository essay 

Before writing an expository essay, you need to know what it is first. It is a form of essay that seeks to inform a reader about a particular subject and similarly allows the writer to showcase their understanding of that subject. Expository essays’ primary objective is to objectively, concisely, and deliver a subject matter to your reader(s). Below are some points to help you create an exemplary expository essay.

  1. Choosing the topic
  2. Planning and research
  3. Write it up
  4. Reviewing your work

Let us discuss these steps in detail.

  1. Choosing the topic

These are some of the common expository essay types:

  • Explaining a subject straightforwardly.
  • Breaking a larger subject to groups or subcategories
  • Compare or contrast.
  • Problems and solutions.
  • How to.

From the above essay types, we see a wide range to choose from before writing an expository essay. You may get a specific topic/ subject to write about in some instances, but other times, you will have to choose one yourself. Whichever case, an important thing to keep in mind is the topic at hand and the limitations it comes with alongside all the areas you will cover. Select an area that you have a good understanding of. Why? If you select an area you have little to no knowledge in, you will waste plenty of time researching and gathering information.

  1. Planning and research

Always keep in mind that the audience is the most crucial element when writing an expository essay. Always clarify who you intend to read your work.

Researching before writing an essay is the backbone of your writing. If you can, find multiple reliable and relevant sources addressing your subject matter comprehensively and accurately. Completing research will give you a sense of clear direction, and after this, you will comfortably formulate your thesis statement meeting all the requirements fitting your task and sources. Once all of this is complete, you are ready to develop the outline for your expository essay.

  1. Write It Up

You can use the standard and straightforward 5-paragraph essay as your essay’s format. It applies to both short and long essays. The structure is as follows:

  • Introduction (1 paragraph).
  • Main body (3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph).

For your introduction, ensure it’s short and ultimately appealing to the reader. Begin with an attention-grabbing statement; give the reader thirst for your content. Highlight the subject matter and give a general outline of your essay.

The main body (middle three paragraphs) is where you deal with your points and arguments. Ensure the points are in order and avoid any conflicting or clashing paragraphs. All your points should be in sync with your thesis, and all explanations must always connect with how they relate to your thesis statement from the introduction.

Your conclusion acts as a summary of all your points and restating your focus statement.

  1. Reviewing your work

After you have concluded writing your essay, go through it over and over again and make corrections where needed. Make sure your essay is on course, and you have communicated the subject of interest.


Writing an expository essay is all about the process. When followed right, these four points will see you create the best expository essays ever. All the best.