Simple Instructions To Make Your Wuthering Heights Essay Shine

Wuthering Heights is the only novel of Emily Brontë, which is a good book to make an analysis of. Students often get assignments to write essays and other academic papers on the story, as there are many questions to discuss. If you were assigned to write a work, you should know what to do to make it look beautiful and professionally written.

Tips on Writing a Beautiful Essay on the Book

  • Read it thoroughly.
  • Don’t just go from page to page in a hurry, as you can miss some important details you can use. Read and underline all the details you find interesting, as you may need to prove your opinion on the story, depending on the type of an essay.

  • Read some critique.
  • If you feel like you don’t have enough thoughts and questions to discuss in your paper, read a couple of articles by professional critics. There you may see some troubles described in the book that you may have missed, some details that may help you describe your opinion on the novel, etc.

  • Study the writer’s biography.
  • You can find the biography of Emily Brontë online or at your educational establishment’s library. Very often, there are many interesting things in authors’ biographies that you can use in your papers. Besides, some of the troubles the person had encountered may have been reflected in the novel, which is also a good thing to mention.

  • Choose a powerful topic.
  • To boost your paper’s uniqueness, choose a strong topic to describe. You can write about the violent imagery of the novel, how it had shocked everyone back then, and why it’s important for the story. Or you can discuss the topic of dreams in the novel that play a huge role for the book. Choose something powerful yet interesting for you, as your paper will be much more vivid and beautiful if you care about the theme.

Possible Topics for a Paper on the Book

  1. Describe the relations Lockwood and Heathcliff had.
  2. Write about the importance of the frame story of the book and layers of narration present there.
  3. Discuss the setting of the story and its role in the creation of the first impression on the book.
  4. Write about the portrayal of religion in the novel.
  5. Talk about the connection of gender and power in the book.
  6. Discuss the importance of literacy in the relations of Cathy and Hareton.


Writing a paper on the novel is quite interesting, as you have an opportunity to talk about your own point of view on a situation described there. The book by Emily Brontë is a great example of a novel that gives many interesting topics to write about. If you pay attention to the biographical details and choose a good topic, you will get an amazing paper.