A List Of 7 Brilliant Narrative Essay Topics For High School

It may be a challenge to choose the best narrative essay example and topic for your writing work. Some topics are more successful than the others, but this rule doesn’t always apply for narrative papers, or even a legal research paper. This type assigns you to tell a story: personal, family, friend’s, or the one you’ve heard in a bus. Sometimes there are too many ideas (or none at all) that you can’t pick one and get stuck at the first stage till there’s a couple of days left till the deadline.

7 Topic Suggestions for a Narrative High School Essay

  1. Your favorite activities parents were/are involving me into.
  2. Tell your readers about the activities you liked being involved to as a kid or that you like nowadays. This can become a great paper about family and the value of spending high-quality time with precious people.

  3. Something you had been hiding from everyone about yourself that you’re ready to talk about now.
  4. Write about something you were embarrassed of as a teenager, or something that happened to you that no one knew. People change, and so does their way of thinking, so something you’ve found bad and inappropriate might have become normal.

  5. Something valuable you’ve found or lost that have changed you.
  6. People usually have something highly valuable they have obtained or lost, and such events bring changes. Did you go through such an experience, and if yes, what was it?

  7. A challenge you or your family has overcome.
  8. If you feel like talking about family affairs, write about a challenging period of time for your family or yourself. Tell the readers how you overcame it and what you would do if something like that happened to you now.

  9. The most precious lesson you have learned so far.
  10. Write about something that made you learn a tough lesson for yourself. When you’re a teenager, there are many things that teach you life, whether you do or don’t notice them.

  11. The most favorite TV show you were/are obsessed with and how it impacts you.
  12. If you want to write about something that isn’t connected to family or tough times, write about your favorite TV show and how it has changed you.

  13. Your biggest minus and how it impacts those around you.
  14. There’s no ideal person, and you may also have something that troubles the people surrounding you. Talk about it, explain that feature of your character, and say whether you’re going to get rid of it.


Narrative essays aren’t as easy as they may seem at the first glance. You need to choose the topic for it attentively, thinking of what you want to talk about the most. You may find your best option within the list above, as such ideas are universal for most people.