Perfect Solution For Newbies: How To Write A 6 Paragraph Essay

Six paragraph essays are very common for students to face in school, usually for shorter essays. It teaches you how to structure your work that you can apply to other essays. Here, we present to you the perfect solution, as a newcomer to the world of writing papers, on how to easily compose your six paragraph paper that will lead you to success.


As the name might suggest, a six paragraph paper consists of six paragraphs, commonly known as a ‘hamburger’ structure since it mimics the composition of a hamburger with many patties. The key to success in this paper type is how you interlink all the paragraphs in the main body of your paper.

Due to the fact that there is a set amount of paragraphs that you have to write, it makes it easier to plan your paper due to this. A plan is pivotal for success as it becomes a framework for you to refer back to while writing.

Another positive of having a plan is the fact that you no longer have to keep them in your mind; we cannot put into words the amount of students that forget the awesome ideas they have for their work that slips out of their minds when they sit down to write their work.

Thus, it is pivotal to formulate a clear plan of action before you commence your paper.


The structure of your work is extremely important. As mentioned before, this type of writing is composed of six paragraphs, which makes it easier to structure your work so that your reader can easily follow your writing and understand the points you are trying to convey.

Due to the simplicity of this paper type, we recommend the following structure:

  • Paragraph 1: This should be your introduction. The introduction aims to introduce the topics that you will be talking about, and give the reader some insight into the arguments you will be making. This should not be too in depth but give the reader a brief overview. A good tip for the introduction is to use a good ‘hook’ to draw your reader into your writing.
  • Paragraph 2: This is the first paragraph where you will make your main point. Open this paragraph by making a topic sentence that will explain the first point you will be making. Write a sentence that wraps everything up that you have discussed in this paragraph.
  • Paragraph 3: Again, the structure of this sentence should follow similarly to the second paragraph.
  • Paragraphs 4 and 5: Again, this should be in the similar structure to the other mian body paragraphs we have discussed. One point to note here is the fact that if you have two points that are interlinked between two paragraphs, at the end of the first one you should write sentence that can flow on nicely from the previous paragraph.
  • Paragraph 6: The final and last paragraph. It should come as no surprise to you that this is the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion is a summary of everything you have discussed in the duration of your work. State the main points of your paragraphs and re state the overall arching point of your paper.

If you follow this 6 paragraph essay format then your paper will be easy to follow and read, drastically increasing your chances to score high marks.

We hope that this guide for writing a six paragraph paper will greatly aid you in your quest to attain really high marks in your paper. Remember to plan and follow the format guide that we have outlined as above.