IB Biology Extended Essay: All You Need To Know Before Writing

You IB extended essay is extremely important, since it compromises a large percentage of your overall mark. The paper teaches students how to conduct research that closely mirrors the type of research you will be expected to do at an undergraduate level. So not only is it important for your grade, but also as an experience to prepare you for your undergraduate studies.


The 4000-word paper requires extremely good research to incorporate into your paper. The research you must include in your writing includes sources such as empirical evidence, research literature, news stories and statistics. These can be found online through a simple search engine query. One of the best places to find studies on the biology subject you choose is a biology journal. These journals will contain all the latest research submitted, as well as past literature pertaining to biology.


The topic that choose to write your biology extended essay on must not be too broad or too narrow as to make it hard for you to reach the 4000-word limit. You should also discuss with your supervisor about the topic you will be writing on to get the green light. As such, we have compiled a list of some great topics to write your paper on:

  • How does exercise contribute to good health of individuals?
  • How does aging impact the human retina and eyesight?
  • How has obesity changed the structure of the human body in overweight people?
  • How has food labelling changed the biology of products created by the food industry?
  • How does pollination occur in a remote area?
  • What adverse effects does global warming have on plants?
  • The relationship between the brain and other body parts
  • How does photosyhnthesis occur without sunlight?

These topics will give you a great chance to involve many pieces of research and studies, that you can analyze in great detail, which will gain you many marks.

Although the extended essay is a tough task for students to complete, using this guide you should have no problems in producing a high quality paper that will score high marks and lead you to success in your IB qualification.