Simple Howto's For College Students: Looking For A Sample Essay About My Dream Job

Any essay may be difficult to write, even if the topic looks simple at the first glance. A good example of such situation is the topic ‘my dream job’: it seems so easy yet you may not know how to write about it. You may need a couple of good samples – papers written by professional paper writers for hire.

However, you need them not to rewrite, but to read and understand the main principles of composing papers on the given topic. It’s important to find a couple of papers, as many of them also contain mistakes you don’t want to repeat.

Places to Search for My Dream Job Essay Samples

  • Libraries.
  • This can be your educational establishment’s library or any online database. The first may provide you with fixed papers that will be only beneficial for you, but the second has a wider range of samples. Try both options to make sure you have examples to follow while writing you work.

  • Student portals.
  • Forums created for students are one of the best types of places to look for information on education. You can find some samples that have already been posted there, or ask your fellow students to assist you by giving hints on where to find good examples. If you’re lucky, they can even share their works with you.

  • Writing services.
  • Many services try to increase their client base and create a good impression by posting some samples on their websites. You can find the examples of ‘my dream job’ papers too if there are any. The good news is that on such websites the samples are accurate, as the services try to show their best side.

  • Educational websites.
  • There are also special websites for students that contain lots of useful information for them. You can find writing tips and expert recommendations there, as well as sample collections on different topics. If you come to find a collection on ‘my dream job’, this will help you immensely.

Understanding the Sample is Good

  • Start reading it, and if you see the words don’t connect, this isn’t a good sample. There are lots of documents that unfortunately contain just some random words.
  • Look for teachers’ comments, and if you find some, the sample is most probably good.
  • Look for advertisements, and if you see the sample give you ads of a service, this is most probably not a good variant.
  • Search for the topic correlation – the sample can be on a totally different topic with just a couple of words about a dream job.


A good sample can help you write an amazing essay, and there are places to find those. Make sure you use a couple of examples to increase your chances to follow only the right things. Also don’t be guides by the wrong or low-quality works, choose only the best.