A List Of 10 Feminist Essay Topics That Will Blow Your Mind

The feminist movement has long and eventful history, plus it’s still evolving, which makes it an interesting subject for your essay. But the subject is broad, so if you have to write a paper on feminism, you better choose a more precise topic to work on. If you feel lost, the list from usessay writers could help you to get a better idea.

Top 10 Ideas for Your Feminist Movement Essay

  1. Feminist movement: a history.
  2. You could look back and rethink some events in the history of feminism, discuss the civil rights movement in general or compare the first and the third waves of feminism.

  3. 5 issues facing modern feminism.
  4. There are still many issues that worry women and activists, so what are they? Look at the women’s marches happening in different countries and analyze them.

  5. Feminist philosophy of economics.
  6. Feminism is not just a movement created to protect women’s rights, but now it expanded to many fields, including economics. What does feminism bring into economics?

  7. Global feminism: a theory.
  8. Feminism is not just a western thing, it expanded throughout the world, it has some general points, so look at the movement on a broader spectrum.

  9. Radical feminism.
  10. Some branches are indeed very radical. Analyze them in different time periods and countries and look at their programs to get an idea of what do they want to achieve.

  11. Black feminism.
  12. This one is an interesting topic to think about, and you could connect it to the BLM movement and black-on-white racism.

  13. Feminist and anti-racist philosophies of gender.
  14. There are gender philosophies created by the feminist activists and thinkers, so you could look and compare them.

  15. Diet profits and fat shaming – feminist response.
  16. Fat shaming is still a thing and its popular in Western culture. And the diet profits give you an idea of who really earns money on it.

  17. Ecofeminism.
  18. This is an interesting branch, so look at it closely and discuss its goals.

  19. Women in the history of art.
  20. Focus on some important women in art and their achievements.

Good Way to Finish Your Feminism Paper

After you finish shaping your thoughts and the main body, it would be good to finish with a short review of the state of modern feminism and your personal insights about it. This will give your essay some unique twist and make it more interesting.

It’s not that hard to write a paper, once you’ve chosen a topic and got an idea what to write about. Get your thoughts together and get this A+.