Essay Ideas for High School: 25 Prompts to Help You Get Started

In high school, teachers often provide their students with an opportunity to choose topics for their essays. Some students quickly adapt to such circumstances and come up with good ideas. However, others need some guidance. If you cannot generate a decent idea for your academic work, you may look at a list of sample topics to gain inspiration.

Excellent Ideas for Your High School Essay

  1. Progress shouldn’t be caused by revolution.
  2. Cloning of people shouldn’t be banned.
  3. The strength of a political fortress depends on its moral force.
  4. Opening borders is the first step to an open society.
  5. Unemployment is an integral part of the economic development.
  6. Civilization isn’t just a technical progress.
  7. A man is just a worker in nature’s workshop.
  8. The historical truth shouldn’t be altered by anyone.
  9. The society should limit its capricious desires.
  10. A man is a miserable creature without a society.
  11. The society always repeats the mistakes made in the past.
  12. Many people don’t want the freedom of choice because it requires responsibility.
  13. Wars will never end because they bring profits and opportunities.
  14. There is no way to stop global warming but there are methods of adapting to it.
  15. Animals shouldn’t be put in cages.
  16. Cars should be prohibited in the centers of big cities.
  17. Every person should know, at least, one foreign language.
  18. Computers will never replace books.
  19. Often playing video games brings both positive and negative consequences.
  20. The government investments should be concentrated more on space research.
  21. Citizens shouldn’t be obligated to engage in military service.
  22. Conflicts between different generations are inevitable and useful for progress.
  23. Each person is responsible for people that surround them.
  24. The world is more dangerous now than it was in the past due to nuclear weapons.
  25. You can buy happiness for money if you know how to spend them properly.

Where to Get Help with Writing Your High School Essay

If you don’t know how to organize your work in a proper way, you may approach your teacher and ask them for a consultation. They should provide you with tips on every step of your work. You may also visit a local academic center to take courses that will improve your writing skills. If it’s difficult for you to learn with a group of other students, you may hire a good academic tutor to teach you the essentials of essay writing.