Extended essay cover page: 5 basic formatting rules

Do you need to work on an extended essay cover page and are trying to get the formatting correct? There are certain rules to follow for the project to have the desired end result. If you’re working on such a project for the first time then it makes sense to familiarize yourself with what these rules are if you are going to get it right.

  1. Paragraphs: you have to get the formatting correct for the paragraphs. This is not that hard, but can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. The first step is to ensure that they look visually alright and this means keeping them abut 3-8 lines long. Then ensure that each paragraph has a separate idea associated with it and that will allow you to segment the information into sections.
  2. Table of contents: it would help if you were to create a table of contents for your project that achieved the task of actually allowing the user to navigate through your work a lot better. This is an oversight by many students and they do not create on that is useful enough. There are plenty of instructions online regarding how one should be created.
  3. Look at samples: one key way that you identify the top rules for formatting is to look at various samples that have already used those rules. You can learn a lot if you just take the time to identify the key samples in your chosen area of study. There is a lot of additional information that you can find when looking at samples also.
  4. Header and footer: the header and footer can be sued to enter some basic information such as the page number and the title of the project. Find out from your course organizer what info these should contain.
  5. Sub headings: ensure the sub headings you go with are of top quality. They can provide a lot of structure to your extended essay that will in turn increase the professionalism of your project. The more headers you use the clearer your project can become the majority of the time.