Math Essay Topics: 5 Ideas For Your Paper

Writing an essay in math may be a surprise, as it’s pretty difficult to describe everything you learn there in simple words. However, the first trouble you may encounter is the topic choice: there are so many things to describe. You need to choose something interesting, so you and your readers don’t get bored too fast, and something unique for you to be interested in the research. You can search for the whole collections of topics on this important source, and at the end you will finally find something of your liking.

5 Topic Suggestions for an Essay About Math

  1. A description of the Binomial Theorem and its contribution to our history.
  2. Theorems are a good topic to write an essay about, as you can describe it in general, including its history and value. No complicated calculations, just descriptions and a couple of examples would be sufficient.

  3. The existing alternatives to Euclidean Geometry: their value and application in practice.
  4. Math subdivisions are also an amazing topic to write about, as there’s much material over the Internet and your local library. You can make an emphasis on any of the factors: history, value, practical application, etc.

  5. Geometry in musical instruments: how math sounds.
  6. This is a unique idea to combine math and other subjects and spheres of life. Describe the frets of a guitar to show that geometry means a lot in the creation of music.

  7. Basics of modern math: the history of zero.
  8. Have you ever thought how was zero created and why? Read more on the history of math, and you will find a whole new world of interesting information.

  9. Descartes and his contribution to mathematics we know nowadays.
  10. People who have made a valuable contribution to the world of math may also become wonderful subjects for an academic paper. Descartes was a talented mathematician among his other specializations, so there will be much to describe in the work.

To Sum Up

Mathematics is much more than numbers and calculations: it has a rich history, interesting theories and subdivisions, etc. There are also many people whose contribution is highly valuable for us even now. All these things can become amazing topics for an academic paper on the subject.