Elaborate Guide On How To Write A Good Synthesis Essay

You may be wondering what is a synthesis essay and why does it sound like a daunting name, but you do not need to worry as much as you currently are. After all, you have us to guide you through it, even if you are stuck after your teacher explained to you what it means. Synthesis papers are easy to understand and complete once you get over the initial shock of having to learn how to write another type of essay.

Synthesis Writing

Synthesis writing is basically making connection between various different sources and to use them to back up the argument you are making in your paper. The difference between a synthesis paper and other forms of writing you will encounter in school is the fact that in a synthesis paper you have to use various different sources, as opposed to relying on just one.

See, now that you have understood what it means, it is not anywhere near as daunting as you initially found it.


It is important that you choose a good topic for your paper. You want to choose a topic that has many different sources that you could use as well as giving you enough room to make your argument.

For example, a bad synthesis paper topic to choose would be something that is general knowledge like writing whether or not vegetables are healthy for you; everyone knows they are healthy so there is no point writing a topic based on this.

In general, social issues make for good synthesis papers, as there are supporters on both sides of the spectrum and you can find many different sources supporting either side. As a result, the following make for some cracking synthesis paper topics:

  • Do video games promote violence?
  • Is the death penalty a good detterent for commiting crimes?
  • Should cell phones be introduced to young children?
  • Is home schooling as effective as public schooling?
  • Should the consumption of marijuana be made legal?

For more information on synthesis essay and more great topics to base your paper on, try this site.